My Mother’s Picture

Posted by jcmaziquemd on February 21, 2012

My mother is on the left standing, my father is in back of her. If you look in Washington History Magazine(Volume 4,1:12, 13 andl 4,1:6-8, 10-20, 25) you can see the whole story.
The Secretary of the Interior in 1942 stated that he had become weary of onlu seeing pictures of poor Negroes, so we sent a photographer to take pictures of a professional Negro couple. A number of the pictures are in the Library of Congress http://www.loc.gov/pictures/search/?q=mazique
Here is another

On Tue, Feb 21, 2012 at 3:45 AM, Terri L. Scott <scott.terri> wrote:

Which one is your Mom?

On Feb 20, 2012 12:02 PM, "jcmazique" <jcm9232> wrote:

Just watched http://www.slaverybyanothername.com/ on PBS. My mother’s picture in the documentary


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