To My Fellow Ivy Leaguers

Posted by jcmaziquemd on February 18, 2012

We invite you to submit your proposal below to be a featured speaker for the BIAL2012 Conference: "A 21st Century Re-Education".


By featuring the best and brightest minds from academia, for-profit enterprise, non-profit organizations and government, we will bring much needed academic rigor to discussions around the four pillars that "A 21st Century Re-Education" will explore: Scholarship, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Politics.

Through the lens of "A 21st Century Re-Education" and our four pillars, we are interested in unwrapping a variety of topics that are important to Black American communities. Possibilities include:

Charity Relationships Media
Communicating Psychology Sports
Black Identity Public Policy The Workplace
Legacy Public Diplomacy Power
Parenting Real Estate Investing
The Black Family Social Change HBCUs

Our speakers must uncover current and future trends and lead the process of continued change and dialogue.

With your help, attendees will leave the conference with a better understanding of our collective history, a more informed grasp of where we are today, and a sense of the role we each play in shaping a global future.

As outlined in the form below, submissions must include:

  • Your bio
  • Your areas of expertise and how each relates to the topic of interest
  • Definition of Black Americans’ current stance within chosen topic
  • Articulate Black Americans’ role within a 21st century marketplace.

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