Primary Care Leadership Pipeline for Med and Nursing Students

Posted by jcmaziquemd on February 10, 2012


Application Deadline March 15, 2012!!

The GE Foundation and National Medical Fellowships, Inc. (NMF) are pleased to announce a new Primary Care Leadership Pipeline (PCLP) Program that will provide primary health care professionals a valuable opportunity to examine firsthand primary health care in key areas of the US.

The innovative PCLP scholarship program will provide a service-learning opportunity of 200 hours (5 – 6 weeks, summer 2012) at community health centers in Los Angeles CA, Phoenix AZ, Memphis TN, or Jackson MS. Scholars will be actively engaged in healthcare services, leadership training, and institutional project activities relevant to both academic programs and host sites, and will participate in a network of organizations and individuals from academic institutions, NMF alumni and program advisors.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria:
Scholars must be enrolled in an accredited training program for one of these professions:
Medicine (2nd and 3rd year medical students)

Nursing (RN/BS, Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Midwife): Phoenix AZ & Jackson MS placements only. Health Sciences (Physician Assistant): Phoenix AZ & Jackson MS placements only. Scholarships will be awarded this year to 30 medical students and 8 nursing or health sciences students with a stipend that is expected to cover travel, living and lodging expenses.

In addition to students who can apply, nominations are also invited from academic advisors. Each completed application must be accompanied by a letter of nomination that fully explains the candidate’s academic and leadership accomplishments, an official academic transcript, financial aid information, curriculum vitae and biosketch, and a personal 500-word statement in which the student discusses motivation to serve underserved communities and commitment to primary care or public health. Applicants are ranked by the Advisory Board on the basis of recommendations, personal statement, academic achievements, and leadership potential.
Applicants should specify preference as to summer placement location with a proposed project and commitment to complete program requirements between May 15 and August 30, 2012.
Apply Online! The application will be available starting January 27, 2012. www.nmfonline.org


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