Jade City Crew Invitation

Posted by jcmaziquemd on January 24, 2012

From Kirsten

I would like to introduce my friend Howard Craft, an award-winning playwright, and invite you to participate in the birthing of “Jade City Pharoah,” the radio broadcast of his successful play "Jade City Chronicles."

The Jade City production series features the first African American superhero in the history of radio! That hero is Herald M. F. Jones!

With big plans for the show—Jazz great Branford Marsalis is composing the theme song—Hip-Hop/Electronica duo The Foreign Exchange will score next season’s episodes – they’ve also got some big bills!

To date, 11 of the 13 episodes are already in production. It’s a happening!!

I’m reaching out to you today to personally invite you to become a part of the Jade City Crew – Herald Jones’ elite cadre of road warriors in the fabled Jade City. Like everyone, Herald Jones needs a crew of diverse and intelligent folks to hold him down when times get tough.

We are reaching out to artists, comic book enthusiasts, radioheads, and the young at heart, and I immediately thought of you! I need you to be down with Herald M.F Jones!

To become part of the Jade City Crew, I need to secure $20 donations from 10 people by Saturday, 28 January. I am halfway there and I need your help to reach the finish line.

Getting on board is pretty simple! Just as Batman has his supporters in Gotham and Superman has his homies in
Metropolis, I’ve am reaching out to the community of folks that I think will be excited and entertained by this project. Will you support Herald M.F Jones?

The Jade City Crew gets a Herald M.F Jones care package mailed to them full of goodies to show your HMFJ love, plus a few surprises throughout the year!

If you’re down, please donate online at:

Please confirm your donation to me so that I know when I have reached my 10. Howard Craft and I will personally thank you and he will list your name, along with mine, on the Herald M.F. Jones website.

Remember we only have until 28 January to form our Jade City Crew! The deadline for our donations is Saturday, January 28th. We’d like to announce our alliance to the world before the end of our Kickstarter fundraising campaign.

To learn more about Herald M.F Jones, please visit:

As always, I appreciate your support and assistance! Let’s help the Brother out!
Kirsten Mullen

Kirsten Mullen
Folklorist/Arts Consultant
54 Pearce Mitchell Place
Stanford, CA 94305
Office (919) 612-1171


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