My Friend for 20 years

Posted by jcmaziquemd on February 21, 2011

A Star’s Sweet and Savory Treats

Most people will recognize Carla Hall from "Top Chef" (season five and, currently, All Stars). Off-camera, she’s getting into the itty-bitty-cookie business in a big way. Her company Alchemy, which specializes in mail-order pastries and—for those in Washington, D.C.—cooking classes, offers two filled-to-the-brim tins of nugget-sized treats: one a collection of sweet biscuits; the other, a set of baked savory morsels. While you might suspect that the Oatmeal White Chocolate and Dried Cranberry item is a winner (it is), its salted counterpart, a Goat Cheese With Dried Cranberries Cracker is just as freakishly good. Equally habit-forming are the Hawaiian Wedding Bites, Black Forest Crinkles, Smoky Blue Cheese Walnut Nibbles and Parmesan Shortbreads. $30 per tin, alchemybycarlahall.com.


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