Myles and Ayesha Use Technology & History to Help Kids Learn

Posted by jcmaziquemd on October 17, 2010

Myles and Ayesha Use Technology & History to Help Kids Learn

via Black Web 2.0 by Terrance Gaines on 10/15/10

*Love the names*

First the website, and now the Black Inventors Match Game iPhone app – It seems as if these kids have been busy.

Uplift, Inc. is proud to announce Myles & Ayesha – two fictional African-American kids who are eager to discover, play, learn and bring your kids along for the ride. The site and the app are both designed with our kids in mind as they discover new things about themselves, their culture and their history and how their findings impact their everyday lives.

The Black Inventors Match Game
is the first app in the iTunes App Store that specifically targets kids (of all ages) in teaching a portion of Black History. It celebrates Black inventors and problem-solvers and is the first app in the Myles & Ayesha game-based and learning series.

Similar to your typical match game, the object is to match each pair of items (but in Myles & Ayesha’s case, African American inventions) until all of the matches are found. There are 3 levels of match-game play: easy, medium, and hard, and the names of the top 3 scorers are recorded. The launch version starts with thirteen (13) inventions and more will be added regularly.

In addition to just matching up the items, extra information about the invention like the inventor’s name, when it was invented, and the actual patent number are all shared. There is also an option to find out more about the invention to give African American children even more reasons to embrace technology, history, culture (and your gadgets…funny, but not really). Also, it doesn’t hurt to see more brown characters that look like our kids out in the wild!

Mylesandayesha.com will soon have even more activities for our children to take part in, all while encouraging research and education, improving their self-esteem, and teaching them about their culture and history…so stay tuned.

Visit Myles & Ayesha’s website to learn more about the cute duo, (yes, a grown-man used the word cute) and the Black Inventors Match Game. For more information on how you can contribute to programs like this, please visit Uplift, Inc.

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